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Bussey–Saksida touchscreen paradigms


An overview of Whisker

Whisker is a software suite designed to control devices for behavioural research. These devices include standard "on/off" apparatus used for behavioural research, such as:

However, unlike most operant control systems, Whisker also supports

Tasks for Whisker

Whisker is the underlying platform that runs some of the most popular behavioural tasks and task suites in use today. So, if you want to write your own behavioural tasks, you can do so using Whisker. But you also have the option of using existing tasks written by and for experts in behavioural neuroscience; these tasks are robust, powerful, flexible, extensively tested, and widely used.

Whisker in pictures

This tour of Whisker in pictures PDF will give you an idea of what using Whisker is like.

Selected publications

Publications involving Whisker and related software have featured in journals including the following:

... and many others.

Notable users

Whisker is used by academic institutions including:

... by governmental agencies including:

... and in the corporate sector by companies including:

The Whisker design, and its advantages

The program that controls the hardware (termed the Whisker server) is independent of the programs that implement your chosen task (termed clients). This design has many technical advantages, which make developing your own task much simpler.

Furthermore, clients can easily be written to do anything else you might wish to do with Windows:


Learning more

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