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Bussey–Saksida touchscreen paradigms



There is an incomplete list of publications involving Whisker, or involving other software written by Rudolf Cardinal and/or Mike Aitken, the authors of Whisker.

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Example scripts in Perl and Python are also given.

Current versions

Project Latest version Date Manual (online) Manual (PDF) Manual (CHM) Details (version trackers)
WhiskerServer and associated tools 4.7.14 28 Mar 2024 Whisker help Whisker PDF Whisker CHM README Text
WhiskerServer Text
DatabaseManager Text
WhiskerStatus Text
WhiskerReset Text
VerifyWhiskerLog Text
WhiskerTestClient Text
SimpleCPPClient Text
Whisker SDK 4.11 6 Dec 2020 Whisker help Whisker PDF Whisker CHM WhiskerSDK_WhiskerClientLib Text
WhiskerSDK_ActiveXControl Text
DemoConsoleClient Text
AttMem 4.4 14 Apr 2015 AttMem AttMem PDF AttMem CHM AttMem Text
ConditionedReinforcement 2.1 14 Apr 2015 ConditionedReinforcement ConditionedReinforcement PDF ConditionedReinforcement CHM ConditionedReinforcement Text
CondWithdrawal 2.0 7 May 2002
DialysisStimuli 3.0 12 Jan 2009 DialysisStimuli DialysisStimuli PDF DialysisStimuli CHM DialysisStimuli Text
FearCond 3.2 24 Feb 2016 FearCond FearCond PDF FearCond CHM FearCond Text
FiveChoice 5.6 11 Dec 2018 FiveChoice FiveChoice PDF FiveChoice CHM FiveChoice Text
ImpulsiveChoice 3.1 26 Apr 2009 ImpulsiveChoice ImpulsiveChoice PDF ImpulsiveChoice CHM ImpulsiveChoice Text
LeverAutoshaping 4.0 23 May 2014 LeverAutoshaping LeverAutoshaping PDF LeverAutoshaping CHM LeverAutoshaping Text
LeverReversals 2.0 12 Jan 2009 LeverReversals LeverReversals PDF LeverReversals CHM LeverReversals Text
MonkeyCantab 12.4 19 Jun 2024 MonkeyCantab MonkeyCantab PDF MonkeyCantab CHM MonkeyCantab Text
NewcastleAutoshape 5.0 NewcastleAutoshape NewcastleAutoshape PDF NewcastleAutoshape CHM
PigTab 2.0 12 Jan 2009 PigTab PigTab PDF PigTab CHM PigTab Text
PIT 3.0 12 Jan 2009 PIT PIT PDF PIT CHM PIT Text
RatBat 2.0 12 Jan 2009 RatBat RatBat PDF RatBat CHM RatBat Text
SameOpposite 2.2 4 May 2009 SameOpposite SameOpposite PDF SameOpposite CHM SameOpposite Text
SecondOrder 4.2 14 Apr 2015 SecondOrder SecondOrder PDF SecondOrder CHM SecondOrder Text
SeekTake 3.2 16 Mar 2020 SeekTake SeekTake PDF SeekTake CHM SeekTake Text
SeekTakeShock 4.2 05 Jul 2015 SeekTakeShock SeekTakeShock PDF SeekTakeShock CHM
SimpleSchedules 4.5 14 Apr 2015 SimpleSchedules SimpleSchedules PDF SimpleSchedules CHM SimpleSchedules Text
VisualAutoshaping 3.0 12 Jan 2009 VisualAutoshaping VisualAutoshaping PDF VisualAutoshaping CHM VisualAutoshaping Text
YMazeController 3.0 YMazeController YMazeController PDF YMazeController CHM

For detailed version information on each project, see the version tracker files.

There are other tasks that are not yet commercially packaged.


This is the history of the Whisker core project (WhiskerServer). For details of the tasks available with Whisker, see Tasks and Support.

July 2011 Version 4.0 with video support.
January 2009 Version 3.0 with support for Windows Vista and UPDD v4.1.
January 2006 Whisker is in use by a dozen universities, three government agencies, and eight commercial organizations including three of the world's top ten drug companies.
November 2005 Support for BNC hardware.
April 2005 Support for ABET hardware.
October 2004 Support for digital I/O devices wired to serial ports.
July 2004 Preclinical section of Cambridge Cognition Ltd sold to Campden Instruments Ltd, Leicester, a UK subsidiary of the Lafayette Instrument Company, Indiana, USA. Campden therefore now hold the distribution rights for Whisker and related CUTS products.
August 2003 Variable screen borders, disk logs, communication log limits, authentication
June 2003 Background events
February 2003 Help system; CPU limits
October 2002 Support for ICS digital I/O cards
April 2002 Distribution agreement finalized with Cambridge Cognition Ltd (CCL), Tunbridge Court, Tunbridge Lane, Bottisham, Cambridge CB5 9DU, UK. [The company was previously CeNeS Cognition, a division of CeNeS Pharmaceuticals plc, Compass House, Vision Park, Chivers Way, Histon, Cambridge CB4 9ZR, UK, but spun off as a company in its own right in 2002.]
March 2002 IANA registered port number 3233; support for Advantech digital I/O cards
May 2001 Copyright transferred to Cambridge University Technical Services (CUTS) Ltd, The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TN, UK [or, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TN]. CUTS is a company wholly owned by the Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge.
6 September 2001 Version 2.3 with new threading structure and command language.
April 2001 Version 2.2 (multimedia and basic edition) completed and installed in the Behavioural & Cognitive Neuroscience Group, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge. In addition to digital I/O devices, Whisker now supports graphical output, sound output, touchscreens, mouse and keyboard input.
15 April 2001 Touchscreen support.
3 April 2001 Version 2.1 with DirectDraw support and device definition files.
26 Mar 2001 Multiple monitor support.
22 January 2001 Multithreading.
10 January 2001 Display support.
31 December 2000 Audio support.
28 Aug 2000 High-resolution internal timers.
16 Aug 2000 Client-client communication.
3 April 2000 Process priority configuration. End of version 1 development.
19 Mar 2000 Failsafe support.
12 Mar 2000 Performance monitoring.
6 February 2000 Registry-based configuration of DIO boards.
3 February 2000 Version 1.1 went live in the Behavioural & Cognitive Neuroscience Group, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge, supporting digital I/O devices, with a second-order IVSA client.
25 January 2000 Connected to operant chambers; support for multiple DIO boards.
21 December 1999 Transition to Windows SDI architecture and two-pane user interface complete.
6 November 1999 Client architecture and language mostly complete.
22 September 1999 Successful networking.
17 September 1999 Hardware control and core system up.
26 Aug 1999 Design started.